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Perfect Times : Tables

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Perfect Times, was originally created as hand held cards and was tested and researched as part of a PhD at The University of Plymouth; gaining a patent in 1998, the game was invented to teach and assess students fluency in multiplication and division tables, this is done through matching factor and multiple cards against the clock. In 2000, the Perfect Times game, even went on tour with the BBC Tomorrow's World Road show. The arrangement of the cards is one of the methods used by NASA to test the reaction times of Astronauts. The cognitive theory behind the acquisition of table facts lies at the heart of the game. By using Perfect times, the player becomes competitively "hooked" by trying to beat their previous score, in this way they practice. The facts are presented and played in a non-specific order, enabling the player to randomly access the answer to times table questions, without resorting to recitation. The facts are presented as just numbers which means the process of learning the facts is independent from language. The time "score" for placing the cards acts as the assessment of fluency and achieving a time constantly under 20 seconds is an indicator of the players fluency in the table. Perfect Times has been played very successfully by children as young as 4 all the way up to adults of 80 years old!
Both the Inventor and the MD of Perfect Times are dyslexic and game has been used very successfully for children with Dyslexia and other special educational needs.
Unlike other methods Perfect Times is fun, easy to play and is proven to work.
With 6 different modes and 72 playable levels.
Learn multiplication and division tables up to the 29 times table.
Created and Patented by Wendy Fortescue-Hubbard, Perfect Times, has helped hundreds of thousands of people learn their multiplication tables.
Players can work at their own level, monitor their own progress and assess their fluency without traditional testing, and independently of writing ability. Perfect Times motivates players to improve their score and encouraging high levels of practice.
Be warned, it is such fun to play that it can become addictive!